Keyword Triggers

A keyword DM message sequence is sent whenever someone types a specific word or phrase in a DM to your page. Say someone DM's you the word "Discount". Our sequence could respond with your current discount codes or better yet, ask for and collect their email address, phone number and more. 


An autoresponse is a "catch-all" response that fires a sequence when someone types something in your DM that you don't have a keyword response set up to recognize.

Stories Mention Trigger 

If someone mentions and tags your page in their Stories, they'll receive a message sequence that we set up to respond to any mention of your page. 

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Private Reply Triggers

We build a messenger sequence that is triggered when someone comments on a specific post that is connected to the sequence. Like the video example above.


With #Genius we can build a message sequence that is triggered by a #. Our system will watch your posts and when you use a specific # in a post our system will send a message to anyone who comments on that post. It doesn't matter how many different posts you use that # on, our system will respond to any comment on any post that has that #.

Get off the Algorithm

Instagram only shows your posts to about 8% of your followers. If you have 10K followers only about 800 see your new posts. 

You have no control of your audience. 

By using DM marketing with your post you can turn your followers into instant leads and sales.

If You Have Over 10,000 Followers on Instagram and You're Not Using DM Automation, You're Losing Money!

Look at the following Instagram post. It has over 6,000 comments and it only generates more followers for the page owner.

By adding a prebuilt DM automated message sequence, everyone who comments on the post would  instantly get a message through Instagram's messenger service.

Watch the video below to see how a simple automation can change the game.

With ONE simple 5 message automation we can turn a post that would normally only get more followers into a lead magnet that creates an email and SMS marketing list. Additionally, we gave them a reason to buy something within the next 7 days!

Conservatively, let's say only 10% of that 6,000+ opt-in AND make a purchase.

That's 600 new emails to market to and 600 INSTANT sales.

These are some of the Automations we can create for you.